Macey Turns 10 with Pooh Bear

My daughter Macey turned ten years old last week. Each year around her birthday I have photographed her with a large Winnie-The-Pooh stuffed bear. My plan is to photographer her with Pooh until she turns 21. Here are the images from the first 10 birthdays. If you think this is cool I would be grateful if you would share. Happy Birthday sweetie, the next 10 will be a blast!


Baby Portraits in Ann Arbor

I photographed little Sebastian over the weekend and had a blast. What a cute kid! After some set up I photographed him for about an hour which is a lot of time for a 10 month old. I’m never really sure how kids will respond to me and the camera but I think he loved it. I always tell parents of little ones that they are in charge of the photo shoot. Sometimes you get an hour, sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes less. :) He was very interested in the camera as you can see in a few photos down. We ended on the grass in the front yard with him crawling toward me, then on me reaching for the camera the whole time. Not shy or intimidated at all, I even got a hug! What a great way to end an awesome photo shoot.